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This is an old post, that I somehow didn’t publish.  You thought you weren’t interested in today’s news?  Try three weeks ago!  In today’ snews cycle, it’s ancient!  It’s so retro, it’s back in style!

Jimmy Fallon is a nerd, he used his show to make a random guy a twitter celebrity

Stringing together 25 of these samsung hard drives can make your computer lightning fast.  How fast?  Open up all 6 Microsoft Office Programs at once.  In 0.5 seconds.  Nice.

A guy got his home broken in to, and he Twittered the news as it was happening (don’t worry, the “burglar” passed out in his bathroom)


A description from WIRED of how a guy robbed the world’s most secure diamond vault.  (via BoingBoing)


Great piece on how to save journalism but lose print newspapers by Mike Davidson.

No More Money

How the Crash Will Reshape America – fascinating piece in the Atlantic by Richard Florida on how the economic collapse will weigh most heavily on those least regions involved

Knowledge (Education)

The Smart Pen (a pen that records, but links the audio recording to what you are writing) could be great for tying lectures to lecture notes.  See pen demo, but also the application to an anthropology class (from Michael Wesch, that guy who did the anthropological introduction to YouTube)


Interactive map of NYC discontent  (via kottke)

More facebook findings of Cameron Marlow (facebook’s resident scientist)


Pictures of grown up Calvin and Hobbes (via kottke)

Elmo and Ricky Gervais outtakes (via waxy)

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