Cedar’s Digest Special “Liveblog”: How to Think Straight about Psychology

I know one usually liveblogs a live event, like a debate, or an election, or an awards show. But I am teaching my most super-favoritest-ever psychology book starting today, and I thought it would be a good chance to share it with you, chapter by chapter. It is rare as a college instructor, or as a professional of any kind, that one has in one place, such a great definition of one’s profession, along with addressing all the misconceptions about your profession.

Keith Stanovich’s “How to Think Straight About Psychology” (amazon)is such a book. Often when having discussions about psychology, I find myself wishing I could prescribe it: “Take 20 cc’s of Stanovich, and call me in the morning if you still want to talk.” Despite being about the most familiar topic (our own minds) Psychology manages to be quite misunderstood. In my own efforts to remedy this, I will share the basic structure of the book with you, some great quotes, and some of my own examples and impressions. I hope this stands on its own and helps people think a little straighter about psychology, but I really hope that more people read this amazing book (or come on in the comments to tell me how it is not amazing, and suggest others).


About Cedar Riener

College psychology professor, husband, father.
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