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Moving notice

Hello loyal reader(s) of Cedar’s Digest. I have decided to pack up my things and move, from wordpress.com to my own self-hosted site: http://riener.us Please redirect or resubscribe your feedly or RSS readers, or email settings if you wish to continue … Continue reading

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Oh I get tenure, with a little help from my friends

To continue from my last post, one of the elements that disturbed me about defining scientist as “gets grants, has groundbreaking ideas” is not just that this narrow definition of scientist excludes worthy people, but also that it excludes certain … Continue reading

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Some Personal History and The Mind at Work

So this post is going to be about fixing my house, my dad, and a great great book I’ve read recently. As is my inclination, I’ll find parallels between things and other things. This summer my dad and I (mostly … Continue reading

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Our (ScienceOnline) Town

This past weekend I went to my favorite conference, Science Online: a yearly gathering of scientists, teachers, science writers,librarians, museum curators, press officers, and many other people interested in the communication of science online. I thought I would have two … Continue reading

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The Gizooglification of Everything

“Take the ball, you KKK motherfucker.” So said one of my many basketball opponents after I made a basket at Hamilton Playground. Violence in his tone, frustration emanating from his adolescent body, he just saw me as some white kid … Continue reading

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What I Did on My Summer “Off”

Hi folks, been a while since I blogged at ya. School starts in a few short weeks (on Labor Day for us), so I thought I would  briefly fill you in on what I have been up to this summer. … Continue reading

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